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Ideas to Consider #21 – Mental Health Reform is Heating Up in Lansing

One month ago, Senator Aric Nesbitt wrote an op-ed in the Holland Sentinel ( arguing it’s time for mental health reform in Michigan.   He writes:  “Nearly every single insurance plan offered in the commercial market by an employer integrates mental health services with physical healthcare coverage.  Unfortunately, integrated care is not provided for more than…

Ideas to Consider #20 – The Poppy

As many of you know, I watch a lot of the English Premier League, and am a supporter of Everton Football Club in Liverpool.  Their tradition is strong, and for the past twenty years Everton has been intent on recruiting American players to the squad.  It’s the best of both worlds – great English football…

Ideas to Consider #19 – A Community Rock: Wayman Britt

In July 2005, my life changed for the better. I started working for Wayman Britt.  For 15+ years we worked together as a team.  He was the Head Coach and Captain. I tried to be one of his go to players.  Last year, my health caused me to retire early.  On Thursday, July 22 I…