Ideas to Consider #21 – Mental Health Reform is Heating Up in Lansing

One month ago, Senator Aric Nesbitt wrote an op-ed in the Holland Sentinel ( arguing it’s time for mental health reform in Michigan.   He writes:  “Nearly every single insurance plan offered in the commercial market by an employer integrates mental health services with physical healthcare coverage.  Unfortunately, integrated care is not provided for more than […]

Ideas to Consider #20 – The Poppy

As many of you know, I watch a lot of the English Premier League, and am a supporter of Everton Football Club in Liverpool.  Their tradition is strong, and for the past twenty years Everton has been intent on recruiting American players to the squad.  It’s the best of both worlds – great English football […]

Ideas to Consider #19 – A Community Rock: Wayman Britt

In July 2005, my life changed for the better. I started working for Wayman Britt.  For 15+ years we worked together as a team.  He was the Head Coach and Captain. I tried to be one of his go to players.  Last year, my health caused me to retire early.  On Thursday, July 22 I […]

Ideas to Consider #18 – Healthcare in America

It hit me like a sledgehammer a few weeks ago:  Americans are dreadful at making healthcare decisions and constructing sound health policy.   A couple of vignettes:   #1 – An adult walks into an urban hospital emergency room; undergoes a quick triage to ensure he is not having a heart attack; is told to wear a […]

Ideas to Consider #17 – A Small Celebration

We all know the past 15 months have been a slog.  COVID-19.  A summer of necessary protests after the deaths of several unarmed, African-Americans by police.  Economic challenges for many.  A difficult national election.  Insurrection.  But last Friday night – ah, a small, but absolutely wonderful celebration.  Let me explain. I was at Holland High […]

Ideas to Consider #16 – The Past Month

When I started this project in October 2020, I intended to write a weekly essay/column about the social sector.  Well – that has not happened, and I imagine you are wondering what has been going on during the past month because it has been a while since I posted a piece. The truth is I […]

Ideas to Consider #15 – Affordable Housing Continued

In Ideas to Consider #12, I wrote about housing affordability and the City of Holland’s efforts to update its zoning ordinance.  As I shared, there has been plenty of community pushback with yard signs popping up throughout the town – ‘No to Rezoning’ and letters to the editor claiming that property values will decrease, and […]

Ideas to Consider #14 – The Slog is Real

The past two weeks have been a real slog, despite the glorious sunshine.  I have not felt very well, and continually exhausted.  Sleep is healing, but too much is frustrating.  And when you do not feel well, your body demands sleep.  Yet, for me too much sleep makes me feel unproductive, which yields lack of […]

Ideas to Consider #12 – Housing Affordability

Throughout West Michigan there is an ongoing conversation about the increasing cost of housing, and what to do about it.   From what I am reading, housing costs are increasing for several factors: Rising commodity prices for items such as lumber, OSB, shingles, copper, et cetera Low interest rates which drive down monthly payments Limited workforce […]


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