Ideas to Consider #16 – The Past Month

When I started this project in October 2020, I intended to write a weekly essay/column about the social sector.  Well – that has not happened, and I imagine you are wondering what has been going on during the past month because it has been a while since I posted a piece.

The truth is I have found that completing a quality piece takes more time than I have given this project. It requires reaching out to community leaders, conducting research, and writing about timely issues.  My reality has been that between not feeling well, prioritizing wellness activities (walking, lifting weights, stretching, naps, healthy eating) and living life, writing for IdeastoConsider.com has not been the top priority.

Additionally, I have to admit that events during the past few months have frustrated me beyond the normal.  

  • Listening to people rant against the Covid-19 vaccine, and then seeing the Covid infections increase dramatically makes me want to rip out the remaining hair on my bald head.  Please, get the vaccine and wear a mask.  I want to visit people freely this summer and not worry about acquiring Covid due to my underlying health conditions.
  • Seeing elected officials support Marlena and her bistro in Holland, Michigan while she flaunted breaking the law by refusing to close her establishment makes me angry.  Her choices help the virus spread which harms others, especially children when they cannot attend school in person.  
  • Watching the inability of elected leaders to negotiate and compromise about Covid and Infrastructure legislation shows that we lack leaders.  Our political system seems to attract individuals who quest power to meet their narcissist needs.  

This ongoing frustration has made me wonder…Do ideas matter anymore?  Does policy matter?  Who in politics is interested in solving problems rather than finding wedge issues to exploit in some way?  What will it take to change the conversation?

Fortunately, some positive things have happened to me personally during the past 30 days.  I’ve been able to meet with a few former colleagues in Grand Rapids to discuss community efforts, and how to create positive change.  Someone reached out to me about a potential board appointment.  I’ve been able to spend some quality time with my family and college friends.  And my Social Security Disability application was approved.

My Idea to Consider this week is:  For those that are struggling with the noise in Lansing and DC, take a look at what is happening locally.  Good people are working hard to improve the local condition. Yes, we need support from elected leaders in our state capitol and DC, but in the meantime, thankfully we have the opportunity to connect with friends and colleagues to create the world we want locally. 


2 thoughts on “Ideas to Consider #16 – The Past Month

  1. JD says:

    Thanks Matthew for putting into words what have been my thoughts these recent politically polarizing years. Regardless of the side of the aisle, our so called leaders at the national, state, local levels care for nothing except their so-called “base” in lieu of upholding the constitution and doing the will of the people. Rome is burning; again. This time it’s the USA. Lord help us all.


  2. rich williams says:

    Matthew, don’t lose faith, ideas do matter even though at times they seem in short supply. They matter most most when we face challenges in society, our environment and yep, when our local, state and national elected officials feel frustratingly inept except at blocking new approaches or enlightened thinking. Keep those idea lights burning and flowing.


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